About US

So You Want To Learn More About Our Team?

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SERP Decoder is a small company of SEOs and web designers who teamed up to help spread the knowledge with anyone who wants to learn how to make passive income online (for real).

How SERP Decoder Started

Starting in 2018, we are still a new company, but we are passionate about what we do!

SERP Decoder started when the owner, Julie Adams decided to dabble with online marketing and SEO. She worked for an SEO agency and got the majority of her knowledge from on the job training. Every day after work, Julie would go home and work on her own websites, trying to crack the code of generating passive income when one day it clicked. 

Since then, Julie still manages the majority of the business, but has added on a small group of web designers and virtual assistants to help bring the dream of passive income to life for our customers. 

About The Owner

Julie is a young entrepreneur and SEO fanatic. She loves building websites and figuring out how to rank them on Google for a profit. She loves dogs, hiking, and is always down for an adventure. At age 19 she dropped out of college and got a job for a small marketing company out of Orlando, FL. From there, she learned everything she needed to know to become an SEO expert. 

Using that knowledge, she discovered a passion for affiliate SEO. 

Passion and expertise are what make us a success. Let us share it with you!

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