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Are you looking to have REAL success with affiliate marketing?

Are you striking out or at a dead end?

So many people have these same challenges. In fact, it took me over 5 years to finally get a solid recipe down for creating effective affiliate marketing websites.

Who Are You?

Julie Adams Headshot - Small

My name is Julie Adams and I quit my day job to pursue affiliate marketing as a career. I went from 40+ hours a week to working on my own schedule, making over 6 figures at age 25.

SERP Decoder is me, plus a small group of highly skilled and passionate content writers and web designers.

I started my journey working for an SEO agency, managing over 70 local SEO campaigns and designing and ranking websites as a hobby in my free time. I am about as deep into the game as you can get. 

Over the past 5 years, I have made hundreds upon hundreds of mistakes when it comes to affiliate marketing. Then, it all clicked. 

Once I found the recipe for creating a successful affiliate marketing website it was all gravy from there. 

How Do You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

This right here is the question of the hour. Everyone wants to know. Everyone hears about my success and says "Holy crap! I need to get into that!".

The truth is, affiliate marketing, specifically affiliate SEO isn't for everyone. 

Creating a successful affiliate website that generates passive income is incredibly challenging and is in no way a get rich quick scheme. It is more failures than it is successes. It's more frustration and wanting to quit than it is sweet victories.

This being said, there are 3 primary ways to make money with affiliate SEO websites. 

  1. You rank a website and collect commission via Amazon or another affiliate program
  2. You rank a website, get it to the point of turning a profit and sell it to an investor for 30x monthly revenue. (Yea, this means if you get a site making $1000/month profit, it sells for $30,000!)
  3. You coach others to do the same.

Most people are interested in #1 up front, then learn about #2, and the really passionate people eventually find success with a combination of all 3.

Why Should You Buy a Pre-Built Affiliate Website

Building your first affiliate website is full of a lot of guess work. 

By opting for a pre-built website instead, you get to skip the guessing and jump right ahead to having a website built based on an already successful recipe.​​

What Do You Get?

By teaming up with my circle of experts to build an Amazon affiliate website, you get:

  • A domain name (subject to availability)
  • A Logo
  • Your copy of Thrive Architect page builder
  • 5-20 pages of high converting, high quality "money" page content
  • 5 pages of supporting blog content
  • A fully designed WordPress website, done start to finish
  • Mobile friendly optimization/responsive design
  • Site speed optimization
  • A customized outline for continued SEO growth
  • Up to two 30 minute 1 on 1 Affiliate SEO training sessions

Ready To Give It A Try?

If you're ready to give affiliate SEO a try (for real this time), sign up today to get your very own done-for-you SEO optimized affiliate website.

These website are not churn and burn, so we only take up to 5 new projects per month. Reserve your spot while they are still available.

5 Page DFY Affiliate Website

A basic framework for a successful affiliate website. Built as a good starting point.



  • 5 Pages of "Money Page Content"
  • 5 Pages of supporting content
  • Keyword research
  • Mobile/speed optimized
  • WordPress framework
  • 50% off of 1 Hour of affiliate SEO training session

As of July 10 - 2 Spots Left!

20 Page DFY Affiliate Website

A ready to go affiliate website. Just rank the website and start making money!



  • 20 Pages of "Money Page Content"
  • 5 Pages of supporting content
  • Keyword research
  • Mobile/speed optimized
  • WordPress framework
  • Two 30 minute affiliate SEO training sessions

As of July 101 Spot Left!