Should You Outsource On Page SEO Services?

SEO is tricky.

You're either really good at it and spend a lot of time researching, practicing and perfecting your skills; or you're like the majority of people who know a little, but struggle to produce solid results.

On page SEO is hands down, no argument, the most important factor when it comes to promoting your website on Google organic.

Think of your website as a car. Your on-page SEO represents the chassis and the car itself, and things like links, social shares, and interactions represent your gas.

Without a working car, it doesn't matter how much gas you have, you're not going anywhere.

This is why getting your on-page SEO right is absolutely critical. If you're not confident in your on-page SEO skills, you should definitely consider outsourcing...but you have to be careful.

On Page SEO Services - What's Out There?

If you go online and search for "On Page SEO Services" you're going to find a plethora of companies claiming to be the best of the best. You're also going to find freelance sites touting their network of experts who will work on your site immediately.

Should you be cautious? Absolutely.

Getting your on-page SEO wrong can not only lead to lackluster results, but it can also lead to Google penalties which can take months, or even years to recover from.

What To Look For In Outsourced On-Page SEO

When you're shopping online for a good vendor to handle the basics of on-page SEO, you should look for a few things.

You Should Be Able To Find Them On Google Organic

First, use Google and see who ranks organically. If a website is ranking for terms like "On Page SEO Services", you've got a pretty good chance of dealing with someone who knows what they are doing. After all, they are ranking, aren't they?

One Time Fee

In most cases, it makes sense to tackle on-page SEO for a flat fee or a non-recurring hourly rate. If you don't plan on expanding your site too much and just need to get off to the right track, you don't need to pay someone monthly to do your on-page SEO. If someone wants to charge you a monthly fee with no end date for on-page SEO, you should be skeptical.

Can You Learn Something From Them?

If you ask for a quote to handle the on-page SEO for your website, ask questions about their process! They should be able to lay out the basics of their techniques and some of it should be new info to you. The basics of SEO are all over the internet, and anyone can spew a few sentences about title tags and header tags. Don't expect them to give away the farm, but if you get the feeling that they don't know more than you do, don't waste your time.


If you're not a full-time SEO, it makes sense to outsource the most important part of your website optimization. If you're a new business that's trying to save money, don't hire a monthly SEO on retainer, find someone to get you off to a good start and see what happens.

In low competition niches, sometimes a little bit of solid on-page work is all you need. However, that's not the case most times. You can save yourself some money by getting your on-page flawless and seeing what happens, but you're more than likely going to have to invest more into your SEO campaign down the road. Most websites need more than just good on-page SEO. After all, a car isn't going anywhere without any gas.

If you outsource your on-page SEO to a solid vendor in the beginning, you'll know your website promotion campaign is off to a good start.

What are your thoughts on outsourcing on page SEO? Let us know in the comments section below!

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