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I'm sure you've heard your fair share of "SEO gurus" tell you that they can improve your SEO game. 

It's okay to be skeptical. I don't claim to have the magic pill to bring your SEO from 0 to hero.


I can share with you the same techniques I've used to rank hundreds of local businesses, and dozens of national affiliate websites.

Who Am I & How Can I Help You?

Julie Adams - Headshot

My name is Julie Adams, and I am an SEO addict. 

Up until mid 2019, I was the manager of the SEO department of a local online marketing agency. I was in charge of creating, implementing and tweaking SEO plans for hundreds of small businesses, with great success. 

In my spare time, I would go home and work on my own websites to get them ranked on Google (I did say I was an addict, didn't I?)

Over the 5 years I worked at the agency, I learned a lot.

I used that knowledge to create and eventually flip my first affiliate website for $32,507.40. 

I got 100% of the traffic coming to this website from Organic SEO. No facebook ads. No Google ads. Just pure, unadulterated SEO.

Now, I have a portfolio of websites that earn me more passive income per month than I used to make in a year working for an SEO agency.

I love talking SEO, and I love seeing others succeed. So, that's where consulting comes into play.

Your SEO Experience Doesn't Matter!

SEO is all I know. It's the career I started when I was 18, and it's genuinely what I love.

 I have worked with all levels of SEOs ranging from beginners to veterans. This year alone I have been a part of over 100 successful local SEO and affiliate SEO campaigns.

Stop Wasting Your Time Guessing!

I have been in the industry since 2013, and have made a comfortable living with SEO

SEO can be frustrating, but once you have it down it is incredibly profitable.

 It can be disheartening to spend your time trying to figure out SEO, only to be whacked by a Google penalty down the road. 

Skip ahead. Learn from my experience to improve your SEO.

My SEO Tactics are SAFE

The way I approach SEO is evergreen. It's the style of SEO that benefits from Google updates.  

Are you prepared for the next Google update?

Stay ahead of the game with insight to help safeguard your campaign and make you more profitable. 

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